Handbag Cake Structure


Create a show stopper handbag cake using the perfect structure!

Designed by myself, locally made from food grade stainless steel, this amazing tool will allow you to make a sturdy 3D handbag cake that can be hung, worn, then eaten!

Purse Style: 
Dimensions 24×7×18 cm
Handbag Style:
Dimensions 24×7×18 cm, 18cm in between the 2 rings

My structures can be customised to suit your needs. If you would like other dimensions or shapes than the one we are currently offering, or for international shipping, please get in touch HERE for a personalised quote.

“Please allow up to 3 weeks to receive your TAILOR MADE order in Australia”

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In the video below we used a purse style structure 24x7x18 cm.
The best for this size is to bake 1500g of cake batter in a 25x25cm cake pan (we used 1500g in a 23x28cm cake pan and had some extra cake scrap)


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