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Below you will find an extensive portfolio of my past designs. While each cake is custom crafted when commissioned, you are invited to browse through examples of my creations to give you some ideas of my style for your event, or to inspire your own cake design projects. You are most welcome to discuss inspiration you have seen from other artists, but what I make for each of my clients is unique. 3D cakes and floating cakes, as two of my bakineering special interests, are featured below in distinct collections.

Fantaizicake is a sub-brand of Sarah Valette Cake Artist, and any cakes appearing in my cake gallery marked as such are examples of my own work.

Enjoy your browsing!

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⚠️I am going away⚠️

Thank you for visiting!

Please note that I’m currently on a birthday break until May 18th 🎂 During this time, I won’t be able to reply to your enquiries.

Your patience is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to discuss your dream cake with you upon my return! 😊