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Sugar cookie :
This vanilla biscuit dough is quick to make and comes with great tips to easily work with. It not only makes delicious bite-sized sugar cookies, but it is the perfect base for my layered Cookie Cakes.

Silky Coconut Cream :
Easy to make, silky consistency and so tasty.
While this cream must be stored in fridge, it doesn’t affect the crunchiness of sugar cookie when piped on cookie cakes.
The coconut flavour is subtle but delicious.

Signature chocolate cake :
This is the one from my cake menu that I bake for my customers as well as my classes. I use it for my cakes, and cupcakes! Light and fluffy texture, yet dense enough for cake decorating.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream :
The best Buttercream using egg whites for a lighter and fluffier result, not as sweet or heavy than American Buttercream.
Includes some of my best tip to accelerate the process.

Coconut gluten free cake :
This one is also part of my cake menu, and the only recipe I would bake when a customer enquire for a GF cake, because it is the best to me, no one guess it is GF so everyone can enjoy it’s delicious taste and texture. Can be used for cupcakes too!

Decadent French Chocolate Cake :
One of the most amazing chocolate desserts, in France it is known as the ‘Mi-cuit’, meaning ‘half-baked’, because of the short cooking time which results in a delicious cake, as tall as a brownie, with a thin crispy crust and a soft-textured centre that is chocolately, gooey and decadent!
Can be made Gluten Free!

Chocolate ganaches :
Includes 2 recipes and 23 hot tips!
My white chocolate ganache and dark chocolate ganache will give you a perfect cake finish or a firm surface to cover with fondant as they set hard even in summer weather!

Vegan cake :
But none of your guest will guess it is vegan as it is so tasty! Perfect for layer cakes and cupcakes!

Modelling chocolate :
Perfect alternative to fondant for edible figurines that are going to be kept in fridge or in a cool climate. It is fabulous to use for sculpting, creating and using when blending of joins and seams is needed.

Eggless cake :
So good and moist, can also be used for delicious cupcakes too!

More of my recipes to come soon…

Happy baking!

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